Travel updates

2019: Days 6-8

Hello y’all, The theme of Monday was hurry up and wait. We woke up early to seize the day, but were delayed after breakfast waiting to coordinate transportation and drivers for the two teams. Once that was settled, the water team went to research the available pumps and piping available here in Rwanda while the cart team headed off to find a soldering gun. While things were going smoothly for the water team, the cart team popped a tire on their vehicle halfway through the ride.

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2019: Days 9-12

Hi all, Our last two days in community, Thursday and Friday, passed very quickly. On Thursday, both the cart team and the water team headed into the community. The cart team started the day by monitoring the old cart and asking interview questions, including what the community has been using it for, and how frequently they’ve used it over the course of the past year. After the interviews, Garrett and David took the new cart up the street to a nearby “water bar,” where water is available for purchase.

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