Valley Verde

Currently, Valley Verde has 20x40 trays of seedlings in three to four greenhouses. The seedlings are currently hand watered by the volunteers that work for the organization. There are three to four greenhouses of seedlings.

Previously, the watering system consisted of a bottom watering system with an ineffective pump system due to sediment clogging and algae growth in the tubing. The existing system is not very efficient, and is not currently functioning due to the clogging in the tubing.

The goal of this project is to design an efficient and cost effective system to water seedlings for the local non-profit organization, Valley Verde.

Although the primary goal is to design a functioning watering system for the seedlings, an ideal system would allow for:

  • Automatic watering

  • System to monitor the water timing and amount of water distributed to seedlings

The scope of work for the project is to design and implement a water distribution system that provides all of the seedlings with the necessary amounts of water. Once this is completed, a monitoring system and automated watering system will be designed and implemented as well.