Nyange Water Filtration (2019-2022)

In continuing to work towards creating human centered solutions for our partner community, EWB Santa Clara will be spending the 2020-2021 school year designing and preparing to implement a sustainable water catchment filtration system for our partner community and commercial purposes.

Members of our community have been walking to a water bar 1.5 kilometers away from their community to pay for and bring back clean drinking water. We aim to improve this situation through designing and implementing a sustainable system that can provide them with clear drinking water up to the standards of the World Health Organization (WHO). This would allow the community to have clean drinking water for themselves as well as the surrounding community and any travelers driving past their community.

In August and September of 2019, our travel team had the privilege to work side by side with the community to understand the logistics of making this system to their needs and understanding what their hopes for it will be. The assessment trip included flow rate tests and water quality analyses. The results of the trip yielded the following primary requirements that the system would need to satisfy:

  • Filter for bacteria, parasites, turbidity, and nitrate

  • Control water distribution

  • Properly secured water and filter system

The Engineering Ministry will continue to work towards these solutions and design a sustainable water filtration system in order to satisfy these requirements to WHO standards, continuing to help the community rise out of poverty.