January 2021 Update

We started off the year by updating the alternatives analysis report in response to the feedback provided by EWB nationals, and continuing research into solar powered pumps. Simultaneously, some officers coordinated the performance of a hydrogeological survey in the area of our cooperative as well as water quality testing from the water sources that the community is in favor of using. Some students worked with Dr. T, Dr. Doyle and Dr. Abbot to check the soundness of proposed designs for a small building that would serve as a water bar and as water storage in order to make sure that they meet the safety standards required. EWB Rwanda cased a shallow well in the area of the community that they hope to use for construction water and — one day — drinking water. We are now working on submitting a pump evaluation and recommendation to Eric Lunborg, which would allow us to send it to the CO-OP and keep the project moving.