Valley Verde

Valley Verde’s Mission

Valley Verde increases self-sufficiency, health, and resilience, through a culturally informed community based food system to promote food justice. Valley Verde

About Valley Verde

Valley Verde was started by Raul Lozano, the founder and executive director. His family immigrated to Mountain View in 1963 with a garden in the backyard growing fresh vegetables to fuel the family. When the 2007 financial crisis hit, many people were impacted and as as result, a lot of people were seeking for help from Food Banks. The founder Raul Lozano wanted to help so he started a program to teach people about organic farming.

Valley Verde noticed an opportunity to impact the community through their Community Food System (non-profit 501(3)(c) organization). The South Bay Area is comprised of a large population of “working underprivileged,” 92% are immigrants of Latino and Asian origin. While Santa Clara County’s median income is one of the highest in the nation, there is a continually growing income gap.

Valley Verde offers food access, micro-entrepreneurship, and community greenhouse programs year-round in order to create a lasting impact on food security, environmental conservation and access to green space for families in the San Jose Area.

If you want to learn more about Valley Verde and their impact to their community, check out their website.